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International Club at DHS


The DeWitt Creativity Group is excited to work with the Office of International Scholars and Students at Michigan State University to create the International Club at DeWitt High School. The main purpose of the International Club at DHS is to make immigrants and international guests in the Mid-Michigan area feel welcomed. Another significant goal of the International Club at DHS will be to educate students about foreign trade and globalization. The International Club at DHS is also interested in working with Welcoming America, an organization that works with communities to create a more open and welcoming environment for immigrants (www.welcomingamerica.org).



International Club at DeWitt High School

Given the increasingly global economy of Michigan,The DeWitt Creativity Group is proud to announce a new initiative that will promote internationalism among DeWitt High School students: The International Club at DeWitt High School. This organization will promote the following:

A welcoming atmosphere in DeWitt High School and the DeWitt community to foreign visitors
A deeper appreciation and understanding of other cultures
Greater knowledge of how globalization impacts the local economy
The Lansing area as a place which values and celebrates the contributions of international guests

Activities of the International Club will include:

Cultural exchanges involving food, music, movies, sports etc.
Outreach events for international guests to experience American culture at DHS
Presentations on global trading from local import/export specialists
Live conferencing with students, artists, teachers, and politicians from other nations

The International Club is interested in forming partnerships and working relationships with the following organizations in the Mid-Michigan region:

Michigan State University Office of International Students and Scholars
Michigan State University Office of International Development
LatticeWorld (an organization that connects educators from different countries)
Lansing Community College
Detroit Intermodal Association
Fifth Third Bank
Greater Lansing Business Monthly
Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP, Inc.)
Miller Canfield
ABF Freight System
Old Dominion Freight Line
Foster, Smith, Collins & Smith, PC
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Capitol Region International Airport
Lansing Regional Chamber
Materials Management Solutions LLC
International Basketball League

For more information regarding this exciting new student organization, please contact: Jason LaFay (LafayJ@dewittschools.net) or Jeff Croley (CroleyJ@dewittschools.net).

21st Century Skills (student outcomes):

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

Civic Literacy

Financial, Economical, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Communication and Collaboration

Flexible and Adaptability

Leadership and Responsibility

Productivity and Accountability

Initiative and Self-Direction