The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DeWitt High School Launches Professional Lab!

Brian Byars, a teacher of Physical Science and Biology at DeWitt High School, has created the DeWitt Research and Development Laboratory as an Independent Study opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in biotechnology and alternative energy. The course will be modeled after EcoTek (www.ecotek-us.com), a fantastic program started by Keith Young that is focused on providing academically gifted students in middle school and high school with opportunities to participate in international science research projects. The projects are very challenging and prepare students for college-level opportunities. Below is a list of the type of research and development projects that our students are presently working on:

Alternative Energy (biofuel, wind energy, hydrogen-fuel cell)


Environmental Conservation (water conservation, waste management)

Food Security

A group of 15-20 DeWitt High School students has been selected to take the course with the strong support of DHS Principal, Jody McKean. Additionally, the DeWitt Creativity Group will provide networking opportunities by partnering with both the public and private sectors. One such partnership facilitated by the DeWitt Creativity Group for the DeWitt Research and Development Lab is with the Mid-Michigan Bio Alliance. Traci Maroney (Executive Manager, Bio Manufacturing Alliance) has offered support that nincludes providing guest speakers, tours of professional research labs, and related companies. The DCG will also help market the work of the DHS Research and Development Lab.