The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Project Enlighten Begins!

 To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great enthusiasm that the DeWitt Public Schools Foundation and DeWitt Creativity Group are launching Project Enlighten. The purchase and installation of a windmill on the campus of DeWitt High School is a fantastic learning opportunity for students. What makes this effort doubly exciting is the collaboration between students, teachers, business owners, administrators, parents etc. necessary for a successful outcome. DeWitt Public Schools will be at the forefront of preparing the future workforce of Michigan's green industries. Developing renewable sources of energy is one of the most significant problems of the 21st century. What better way to tackle this problem than enlisting the collective talents of our community?

This letter is an open invitation to interested parties to contribute to Project Enlighten. Please read the attached prospectus that describes the project along with a summary of other initiatives that will help make DeWitt Public Schools district the cleanest and greenest in the Lansing area. The estimated cost of the windmill is roughly $25,000. The Project Enlighten team includes members of civic organizations, DeWitt area residents, and DeWitt Public Schools teachers. We are asking individuals to consider donating money, time, and talent to this worthy cause. Financial donations can be made at the official Web site of the DeWitt Public Schools Foundation: www.dewittfoundation.org. For additional information regarding Project Enlighten or other inquiries, please contact: Matt Stehouwer at: stehouw2@msu.edu.



Jason LaFay