The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG Presents to 65 individuals at Conference

 Students from the DeWitt Creativity Group, Creative Leadership class, the Research and Development Lab, and Advanced Bio class presented at the Michigan Innovative Schools Conference on December 12th at the Lansing Center. The event hosted over 400 educators from around the state looking, listening, and discussing innovative initiatives that are transforming education. The DeWitt Creativity Group's presentation was well received by the standing room only crowd and was one of the most attended sessions of the day.

Michigan Teacher of the Year Gary Abud Jr. addressed the crowd as the keynote speaker to open the day at the Michigan Innovative Schools Conference. He discussed the fact that over the last year he has visited over 70 school districts throughout the state and traveled over 23,000 miles looking at a multitude of programs and models which can help transform K12 education in Michigan. In his speech he mentioned four programs that really stood out to him. His last slide said simply "CREATIVITY -DeWitt High School" - He shared how impressed he was with what the DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG) and Michigan Creativity Group (MCG) are doing in to help lead the movement of creativity and innovation. He also gave a shout out to the DeWitt Research and Development Lab and the work they are doing regarding 3D printing. Gary was so impressed with his visit to DHS last spring that he and a few other teachers just recently launched and Innovation Hub at Grosse Pointe North High School. He said it was definitely influenced by what he experienced in DeWitt and the work of the DCG.

DeWitt students, and members of the Michigan Creativity Group, Geoffry Croley and Ben Zamaira interviewed State Superintendent Mike Flanagan for the new radio show "Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society" - The show, featured on the Michigan Business Network, will officially launch in January and will reach over 5,000 listeners throughout the state. Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay will host the show along with featured students who will report on innovative programs, events, projects, and initiatives throughout Michigan. The show will celebrate all forms of creativity and innovation and work to bring together educational institutions with the business sector in efforts to support the growing innovation movement.

On December 8th the DeWitt Creativity Group hosted seven visitors from the Boyne City and Traverse City area as well as the districts of Lapeer and Gull Lake. The visit was a result of co-founders Croley and LaFay attending an earlier conference or 'Day of Conversation" at Central Michigan which brought together educational innovators from around the state. The Culinary Club, the DeWitt Research and Development Lab, the Michigan Space Program, the Panther Pause Café, Creative Leadership class, Innovation Team and DeWitt and Michigan Creativity Groups were all featured. The group of educators left extremely impressed and excited about implementing similar programs in their own districts.


Geoffry Croley's film Stockbridge to Salt H20 was recently shown at the 85 year old historical Jackson Theater as part of a major fund raising event for the Stockbridge Underwater Robotics Team. The film follows the high school robotics team's trip to Palau as they searched for down WWII planes in the Pacific.The Bent Prop group who was featured in Geoffry's film was recently featured by Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes.

Students in Mr.Croley's Sr. Pride class have teamed up with the DCG and Innovation Team to host a special storytelling event in order to embrace diversity, provide a safe environment for self-expression, and support the unleashing of creative storytelling. The origins of learning started with the art of storytelling and the student centered event during Pride simply called "THE SHARE" brings people together to celebrate individuality and the beauty of being similarly different. "THE SHARE" was inspired by NPR's The Moth Story Hour, Snap Judgment stories, and TED Talks.

Students in the Video Production class are working on creating documentary short films that will be showcased at a student film night in January. The films feature a variety of topics including: A Close Look at How the Music Industry has Changed, The Boys High School Swim Team, Food Donations, and The Rising Popularity of the Shoe Culture.

The DeWitt Creativity Group and five student representatives were invited to attend Capital Region Catalyst Conference. Students were able to meet with Governor Snyder, as well as Economic Development Groups, business leaders, and educational stakeholders and participated in conversations regarding job growth, talent retention, education, urban development, and communication technology..