The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG: Compilation of Impact (2008-2018)

 The following is a summary of some of the significant projects of the DeWitt Creativity Group and Creative Leadership: Opportunities for Social Innovation class at DeWitt High School from 2008 through 2018! Thanks to Jeff Croley for creating this summary.

Below I have included links that reflect student work. Please keep in mind much of our work is about utilizing student talent to change society, solve problems, and enhance economic development. Thus, most of the work is for authentic audiences. There is a variety of projects, initiatives, and events that are student driven. We view students as co-collaborators and change agents who are culturally responsive, empathetic, creative, and inclusive.

The Creative Educators Summit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XC9cDVc1JY&t=4s (This student centered event brought multiple stakeholders together to share ideas and action plans to improve K12 education, showcase innovative programs and practices, and grow the talent pipeline in the region. These included-College Professors, Business Leaders, Government Officials, Arts Organizations, Non-Profit and Community Groups, as well as Teachers, Administrators, and Students all under one roof for the entire day. The students have hosted this event for seven years--)

A New type of Learning Community for the American High School: The DCG Report http://pascalobservatory.org/pascalnow/blogentry/new-type-learning-community-american-high-school-dcg-report (This recaps numerous initiatives in which students have taken control of their learning while expanding their networks in the process)

Creative Leadership at a glance - “What Happens When Students Own Their Learning?” https://www.rubicon.com/creative-leadership/ (A closer look at a class entitled Creative Leadership: Opportunities for Social Innovation and the amazing impact it has had on students, the Greater Lansing Region, and throughout the state)

Original Sketch Comedy - Divided States of America https://youtu.be/DZU7XxZNAEE (This is an original show stylistically similar in nature to the famed Second City main stage shows. Students used their creativity and improv skills to take a closer look at a country clearly divided. The show touched on such pressing issues as immigration, guns in schools, the culture wars, homophobia, mental health, etc..,

Students Participate in Kaizen Blitz Walks (from the Michigan Lean Consortium Newsletter) https://punyamishra.com/2013/04/24/2013-michigan-creative-educators-summit/ (Students participated in innovation walks in order to offer suggestions on improving certain areas of the school. Safety, efficiency, use of space, mobility, design, etc.., were analyzed and reasonable solutions were proposed. The activity was shared in a newsletter by the Michigan LEAN Consortium and as a result a local billion dollar company ask to learn more about it and has shown an interest in working with our students on similar inititaives)

Students helped create toolkit resources for the film The Dialogue by Crossing Boarders Films. http://cb-films.org/thedialogue (Lesson plans and ideas were shared with Crossing Boarders Films and distributed to hundreds of high schools throughout the country and throughout China)

DeWitt Creativity Group helps inspire new Ed.D Program for the College of Education at Michigan State University http://dewittcreativitygroup.org/news/2012/new-msu-program (The work we have done with students has played a role in the development of a new program at Michigan State University’s College of Education - Here is a brief article)

Empathy and Inclusion Workshop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjqlgOA24nA (This student driven initiative was a day long workshop where nearly a hundred students and staff members participated to help establish a more empathetic, inclusive, and culturally responsive culture. Many students shared that it was their best day of the year, teachers shared that it was one of the best days of their career. As a result of it’s success the junior high adopted the concept to aid in helping students transition, the Community Partnership and Diversity Group asked students to assist in planning a similar event for the community and students were featured speakers at a school tour which focused on School Climate and Culture where they spoke to and shared the concept with representatives from 32 different school districts)

Reignite the Profession Video- https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&ar=1&video_id=ieSeAFxgpgQ (This video was used to ignite difficult conversations about education and provide hope for those in and entering the profession)

DeWitt Students Seeking Life Answers Inside and Out https://lansingcitypulse.com/archives/030219/theater/index.html (Students -entrepreneurial education, incubator spaces, and exploratory learning opportunities)

The Documentary Film Stockbridge to SaltH2O was created by a student of the DeWitt Creativity Group and Creative Leadership class about an underwater robotics team looking for down WWII planes in the Pacific https://vimeo.com/98482647 (This feature length documentary short was created by students from the DeWitt Creativity Group who traveled to Palau, a collection of 500 islands in the Western Pacific. The film was featured at the Michigan Creative Educators Summit, at Michigan State University Science and Technology Fair, as well a a film festival, community viewings, as well as other venues)

Students Using the Stage to Provide Hope and Inclusion in a Country Clearly Divided https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/students-from-mid-michigan-using-stage-means-provide-hope-jeff-croley/ (Students were showcased in the stage play of Stand and Deliver where they address not only pressing issues in education but issues relating to cultural competency, diversity, and inclusion. They worked with numerous individuals specializing in these areas and hosted community past show discussions to improve the culture of the school and community)

DeWitt Creativity Group Thinks Global https://issuu.com/primacivitasfoundation/docs/mybigideamagazine (Students met with the Governor and participated in a Transportation and Trade Summit between the US and Canada)

Student Projects Article http://www.secondwavemedia.com/capitalgains/features/dewitt0347.aspx (Students -entrepreneurial education, incubator spaces, and exploratory learning opportunities)

Student United: Mobile Mind Flipping Society http://www.michiganbusinessnetwork.com/blog/author/Students-United-Mobile-Minds-Flipping-Society (Students travel to interview business leaders, educators, artists, and others for the podcast showStudents United. The show is heard by thousands of listeners throughout the state of Michigan)

The Youth Business Dynamo is a collection of concepts and practices by the DeWitt Creativity Group to ignite DeWitt High School student entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation
The DCG has a partnership with the Center for New Economic Opportunity (NEO Center) in Lansing, Michigan (www.neocenter.org). This partnership has enabled DeWitt High School students/graduates to job shadow, network, and collaborate with local businesses and community groups. Please see the following link for an article in Lansing Area Capital Gains for more information: www.capitalgainsmedia.com/features/neobiz0608.aspx

Example: Geoffry C. Started Elephunk Ties, a bow tie business that creates custom ordered bow ties that look good in both casual and formal attire. These bow ties were created for athletes to be worn on game day and for others who crave a bit of style with touch of funk. One of these bow ties was actually delivered to the White House as a gift for President Obama during the White House Christmas Party

Example: Brooke D., a senior at DHS, loved to bake creative cakes. She baked unique cakes for relatives and friends from time to time, yet upon working with the Youth Business Dynamo, Brooke was afforded the opportunity to bake a cake for the grand opening of the NEO Center. The Mayor of Lansing, Virg Bernero, tasted a slice of her cake at the event and others connected with her about growing her business. As a result, she made numerous contacts by networking with business professionals and soon after started her own culinary business specializing in desserts.

Example: Caleb R., a junior at DHS, was able to job shadow Rich Tupica, a local music/entertainment writer for Revue Mid-Michigan, for a day. This opportunity allowed Caleb to witness firsthand multiple interviews, submission of articles, and brainstorming of magazine layouts. Revue Mid-Michigan is a tenant of the NEO Center.

Example: Stephen Butler, a graphic designer and DHS graduate, designed the Youth Business Dynamo logo and promotional materials for the Lansing Makers Network (a non-profit community group interested in creating a makerspace). The LMN held its early meetings at the NEO Center. These opportunities have helped Stephen build his portfolio and give back to the Lansing area.

Other examples of DHS students who created start ups resulting from the Youth Business Dynamo include:

Indigo Lights Productions (Jeff B., DHS senior, 2010) Video production business with a focus on creative shorts, editing, and sound design

Parsons Productions - Brad P. Filmmaking with a specialty in training films, industrial films, commercials, and weddings

Lansing Music TV: http://lansingmusic.tv, (Casey C., Sean B., and Austin H., DHS seniors 2009).

Lucas H., started a radio station (WALZ 1670 AM “The Cage)”at DeWitt High School by working with Larry Estlack of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. Through donations of equipment and labor Lucas was able to have an operational community radio station up and running in one year!

The DeWitt High School Music Club produced, recorded, and marketed four original music compilations (2002-2005) of DHS student bands/ performers. Additionally, the DHS Music Club organized concerts at DeWitt High School and the Temple Club (for additional information please refer to: www.dewittcreativitygroup.org).

The Adopt-A-Business Program is another part of the Youth Business Dynamo used to assist Lansing area businesses. Students contribute their talents to help businesses in areas as diverse as: video production, graphic design, photography, face painting, event planning, marketing, and many others (see Additional Documents section for more information).

Example: Casey C., took photographs for the Lansing Capitals (a minor league basketball team). The photos were posted on the Lansing Capitals Web site: www.thelansingcapitals.com to help promote the team.

Example: Ashley S. and Katie C., created and regularly updated social media sites ( YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and DCG Web site) promoting the DeWitt Creativity Group: www.dewittcreativitygroup.org.

Example: Karissa B., served as hostess for the Michigan Creative Educators Summit (an annual event that showcases K-12 innovation and entrepreneurship).

Example: Matt H. assisted in promoting special events for a new coffee house that was eager to attract young people and teachers