The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

STEAM Proposal for DHS accepted!

Here is an update for the DHS STEAM program involving green robotics or sustianable automation:

* The acquisition and installation of a windmill (in the process of being connected to the grid)

* The construction of a greenhouse used for environmental studies

* Upgrading of the school recycling program from cardboard boxes used to collect recyclables to high quality plastic bins with industry standard labels (provided by Recycling America)

* Partnering with Consumers Energy to train students how to read utility meters (the first school to create a pilot program)

* Working on being one of the first Lansing area school districts to have solar powered carports in the staff parking lot (presentation by students to the school board for approval to install the carports on 3/14/19)

* Designing a green rooftop for future development

* Planning a trip through EF Tours for DHS students, parents, and students to travel to Freiburg, Germany to study one of the most sustainable cities in Europe

* Recently named a Michigan Green School Evergreen Status

* Launching a STEAM program with green robotics (robots that run on alternative energy and have biodegradable parts) or sustainable automation as the theme 


Special shout outs to: Phil Wilson, Fred Hingst, Elena DeLaCruz, Addisyn Henning, Chris Thelen, Mark Servis, Callie Flanagan, and Eileen Elliott