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Michigan BioTalent Summit



The DCG is excited to attend the Virtual Michigan BioTalent Summit to represent the role K-12 Michigan schools can play in creating a STEM talent pipeline for the biotechnology industry. The following is a list of ways that Michigan high schools can support current programs, efforts, and classes that help prepare students for STEM careers, including the biotechnology industry:

1. Have high schools identify and assign applicable STEM/STEAM classes with an innovation designation. This will be used to recognize students who have taken and passed a certain number of classes for credit with an innovation seal (hopefully, designed by a student, of course) on their diplomas.

2. Add or modify the current accountability ratings of Michigan high schools to include a "community impact" metric. This may involve traditional community service projects typically carried out by organizations such as National Honors Society or Student Government. Additionally, community partnerships that entail workforce related (job shadowing, mentorships, and internships) opportunities; collaborations with local businesses, nonprofits, universities, and local governments involving STEM/STEAM classes and programs; placemaking efforts to support local economies should also count toward fulfilling the "community impact" requirement. Michigan High Schools can document the community projects through a digital portfolio as evidence according to various criteria.

3. Encourage/support Michigan high schools to collaborate with regional economic development organizations to assist/contribute to high impact (Think Bigger) projects that provide students with unique and exciting opportunities to work alongside various professionals to develop and/or strengthen new/existing industries and other placemaking efforts. What a great way for students from different districts (urban, suburban, and rural) to collaborate together to help overcome socio-economic barriers for the general welfare of their respective communities!

4. Hold a statewide yearly event that celebrates and recognizes the contributions of Michigan high schools according to the collaborations and work along the lines of innovation throughout the state: Michigan Creative Educators Summit, as an example of what such an event might be.

5. Use online platforms such as the Michigan Learning Channel to promote innovative Michigan K-12 project based learning classes and programs by linking to social media sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Another possibility is to directly post videos on the Michigan Learning Channel site itself. This will expose many classes and programs to a wider audience to build support and enthusiasm for project based learning.

Virtual Michigan BioTalent Summit

February 3, 2021

The bio-industry has demonstrated its collective impact on global health, its ability to innovate in the face of enormous challenges and public pressure, and its willingness to collaborate during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Michigan biosciences industry has proven to be a vital component of the national pandemic response, due in large part to the incredible talent of Michigan bio-industry professionals. How can we collaborate to maintain the steady influx of capable professionals into the Michigan industry and continue the rich history of innovation in the state?

Join us to discuss preparing, retaining and recruiting the right talent for Michigan's growing bioscience industry. MichBio’s BioTalent Summit is the only statewide event dedicated to bringing together workforce leaders - executives and human resource professionals from industry, career/STEM planning and faculty representatives from higher education, as well as other key regional and state-level workforce stakeholders - to focus on current and future talent demands, aligning curricula with bio-industry needs, and identifying best practices and solutions to workforce challenges. Come help develop the future bio-talent in Michigan!

To register for the Michigan Virtaul BioTalent Summit, please go to: