The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Riverbash 2010 a Smash Hit in DeWitt

The Last Day of School Means One Thing.... Riverbash!

On June 11th, the last day of school, Riverbash 2010 brought blue skies and plenty of foot traffic to downtown DeWitt. Although the event this year was held at Riverside Park instead of throughout the town, the carry over to local businesses was again proof that festivals and special events assist the local economy while providing members of the community a chance to get out and have fun in a "town social" atmosphere. This was the third successful year of Riverbash which featured the Junior High Jazz Band, the DHS Chamber Choir Singers, along with many featured musical artists, guest speaker Alicia Patterson, guest vocalists Ed DeLaCruz and Megan Eldred, along with students and alumni from the Theater Department. 

Riverbash 2010 offered a special tribute to high school groups which experienced outstanding success throughout the school year. The groups who received special recognition included the High School Chamber Choir and award winning soloist at the State Competition, the Quiz Bowl team which won the State Tournament and traveled to Chicago to compete in Nationals, the Robotics Team which traveled to Nationals in Dallas, the Band which had another great year placing in numerous competitions around the state, the Art Club and BPA (both which had numerous students get special recognition for high achievmen)t and numerous students from BPA who traveled to Nationals in California. The Theater Department was also acknowledged for providing the commmunity with three unbelievable shows in Our Town, We Sorta Got Game, and Urinetown the musical. Students who were going to be joing the military were also recognized by Army Veteran, Doc Robinson.

Riverbash 2010 also featured the first ever "River Dash" -- A relay race against the clock which featured five teams of seven players. The challenges included riding a bike, running, canoeing, going across a pond on a zip line, a team eating contest, and climbing the rock wall. Team Scope took home first place with a time of 11:00.  Alll contestants recieved a two week free trial membership to Powerhouse Gym.

All in all the event went off without a hitch. Many local businesses stepped up to support the event with a special shout out to Scoopy Doos Ice Cream and Old Country Caterers who supplied food and drinks for the evening. The National Guard and Friends of the Looking Glass were also major contributors in keeping the kids entertained with canoe rides, a rock wall challenge, and numerous other fun activities for the young at heart. The DCG table was busy throughout the event as t-shirts were sold, updates and information passed out and questions answered about how people can get involved with future events hosted by the DCG.

Riverbash 2010 showed that determination and hard work will win in the end. Although some skeptics believed this year's event may not happen, students, faculty members of DeWitt High School, local businesses and members of the DCG remained hopeful and united. Riverbash 2010 was yet another example of how regardless of major funding obstacles, when it is all said and done the skeptics will be hushed by a strong vision and the ability "to act upon what is right" for the community. It is the direct result of positive energy that fuels the DCG and those who are impacted by the work we do. By remaining optomistic the DCG was able to use determination, hard work, and the power of the people to execute another memorable Riverbash. One that fell under blue skies and was crowded plenty of music, entertainiment, and smiling faces. One that indeed stayed true to the original concept of celebrating the achievements of a successful school year while embracing the days of summer. What better way to do this than to bring people together to share in creative expression while enhancing the creative, educational, and economic culture of the community?