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URINETOWN the musical arrives at DHS

"URINETOWN" the musical --- (Don't Judge a Show By Its Title)

Imagine a world where natural resources are scarce. One where oil is not the major shortage, but water. Regional conflicts have already emerged as quality drinking water is in high demand across the globe. Is it inevitable that in the future those with money will use their power to control clean water? This is the premise of the DeWitt High School's spring show "URINETOWN"-- A tale of greed, corruption, love, hope, and revolution in a time when water is regulated by a single company that profits by charging admission for one of humanity's most basic needs. Amid the suffering people, a hero (Bobby Strong) decides enough is enough and plans to lead a revolt against the wicked Cladwell B. Cladwell, owner of "Urine Good Company", in hopes of setting the people free of their long endured torment and hysteria. Bobby states, "No man should be denied his essential humanity due to the condition of his pocketbook." Think about this in a global sense. The United Nations estimate thousands of people a day die from the lack of water or poor quality of water. Throughout Africa, India, and the Middle East many look to water as the liquid gold, a life source that is unfortunately becoming more and more difficult to come by. Do you leave the water running at full while brushing your teeth? Does your warm shower run a few minutes before you step in? Do large cartons of "bottled water" find a way to your shopping cart each time you get groceries? This play takes a look at those questions and raises many others pertaining not only to consumer consumption but also deprivation.

The show has much to offer and audiences should not let the title fool them. Early childhood advice of "...not judging a book by its cover" applies to the show title as well. It is not an indulgence of toilet humor but rather a show which takes a look at corporate corruption at the highest level and how it impacts us all. The show is very complex and clever in many regards. Recent headlines thematically linked to the show include oppression, injustice, environmental conservation, and mistrust amongst political parties. Urinetown is without a doubt relevant, meaningful, and stylistically appropriate for the economic hardships that have faced our state and our nation over the last few years.

Urinetown is a humorous satire and social commentary that starts with an absurd exaggerated premise and uses irony and therapeutic laughter as devices to explore real social issues. The musical also takes a close look at the many genres of musical theater by exploiting numerous references to shows such as "West Side Story", "Chicago", Fiddler on the Roof", and "Les Miserables." Coincidentally, DeWitt has done all of these shows and Director Jeff Croley has added a few new surprises by incorporating movement and stage pictures from other DeWitt shows such as "A Chorus Line", "Cabaret", and many others.

Shortly after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Urinetown opened on Broadway and was well received. The show soon after was nominated for 10 Tony Awards winning three for Best Book, Best Score, and Best Direction. It also won the Drama Desk and Outer Critics Awards for Best Musical. All in all, the themes and messages in this musical are universal. The story, though the premise is absurd, is hopeful and touching, comic and tragic. The DeWitt Theater Department has had a long standing reputation of excellence and this year's spring musical performance of Urinetown, will be no different. The show will have people laughing so hard they may not be able to hold it. No need to worry however, the facilities will be made available free of charge. We urge you to come to the show and see for yourself what a truly unique theatrical experience this is. Help us prove Little Sally wrong when she says "...no one is going to come see this show...the title is awful!" Tell a friend,
grab a family member, make a phone call, or send an email. Whatever you do, don't miss the musical comedy that has received rave reviews from schools, community, groups and professional companies across the country.

URINETOWN the musical opens May 13th and runs May 14th, 15th and 16th. Shows are at 7:00pm Thur., Fri., and Sat. and at 2:00pm on Sunday. Tickets are general admission and are $8 for adults and $7 for students with an ID. (This show is appropriate for all ages) You can reserve tickets by contacting dhs_theatre@hotmail.com or by calling the Box Office at 517.668.3218 and leaving a voice mail with your specific request. A Stage Manager or House Manager will call you to confirm your reservation and place your tickets in the "Will Call" box.

Please call Jeff Croley (Director) at 517.281.4280 or Kerissa Bradley (Stage Manager) at 517. 930.0334 for more information, arrange a photo shoot, cast interviews, stop by rehearsal, etc..,. Thank you so much for your help as we look to get the public informed about this very special production. Your support of the local arts and high school theater does not go unnoticed. Hopefully you can find time to join us in the theater for this hilarious musical by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis.