The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Mid Michigan Creative Teacher's Summit

Mid Michigan Creative Teachers Summit March 20th @ 7:00pm

at the Temple Club in "Old Town"                                                                                                                   located at 500 East Grand River  Lansing, Mi.               

ATTENTION: Superintendents -- Principals -- Curriculum Directors – Teachers – Students – Small Business Owners – Developers -- Young Entrepreneurs

WHO: Anyone interested in helping the youth in our state
WHAT: The Mid Michigan Creative Teachers Summit
WHEN: Saturday, March 20th at 7:00pm
The Temple Club in “Old Town” Lansing, Michigan
WHY: It's FREE, it's new, and it's deals with you.

Tired of the endless news of slashing budgets, teacher layoffs, and closing schools?
Want to know more about innovative ideas and practices (beyond the curriculum) that will help Michigan schools prepare students for the new economy?
Exhausted by the overwhelming negativity and apathy that runs rampant in our communities?

Well, you can do something about it. How? By attending the:
Mid Michigan Creative Teachers Summit
Be the solution at the only conference initiated by teachers, students, parents, businesses, governments, and other concerned individuals for transforming Michigan schools into bastions of innovation.

--- Make sure your district is represented. Why? --- Because it's FREE!
                                   Money is not an obstacle

This will be an opportunity for you, your students, and your colleagues to showcase unique practices that help define your school. Display your school's innovative or non-traditional practices and share your creative endeavors with other districts, small businesses, and visionaries who share a similar commitment in preparing students for the creative economy. Come and celebrate “school as we know it” with those who appreciate, respect, and applaud creativity and risk taking in hopes of changing school cultures in the region.
Speakers include:
Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay (Co-Founders of the DeWitt Creativity Group)
Tim Hunnicut (Developer and Community Enhancement Consultant)
Jeff Smith (Director of the East Lansing Technology a Innovation Center)
Paul Jacques (Director of Young Smart and Global)
Tim Brannan (Professor at Central Michigan University working with the DCG to form a Job Incubator/Arts and Technology Center in DeWitt)
Paul Opsomer -Tentative -(State Representative)
Bob Genetisiki -Tentative -(State Representative)
Jeff Butler (Owner of Indigo Light Productions)
James Jackson (Winner of the Clinton County Youth Entrepreneur Contest)

Come and set up a table, hang a sign, or pass out information showcasing your school.
If you, your district, or community is interested in exploring or enhancing any of the topics listed below or if you have programs which excel in or focus on one of the following we want you to join us at the Mid Michigan Creative Teachers Summit.

Alternative Energy
Graphic Design
Information Technology
Community Development
Art/Graphic Design
Creative Economy
Dramatic Arts Performance Opportunities
Alternative Revenue Development
Educational Outreach Programs

***The Mid Michigan Creative Teachers Summit is a totally free! It is an opportunity for you***
to share and learn more about cool ideas and best practices from schools and communities in mid- Michigan. We are optimistic about the creative energy in the area and hope that by uniting people who share a common vision, schools and communities can continue to find innovative ways to thrive. In tough economic times creativity trumps adversity. Regardless of recent budget concerns in education and throughout the stat, we remain hopeful. The time is now for creative leadership to step up and create change. The DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG) would like to provide students, teachers, and community members with the optimism that seems to have dwindled away as of late by providing them with the opportunity to share ideas in a positive setting. By remaining hopeful, embracing creativity, and strengthening the social network, alternative paths to success can begin. A new educational culture can emerge throughout the region and even across the state. Let it begin with you.

Supported by:
DeWitt Creativity Group (DCG)
Gillespie Group                                                                         The Temple Club is located at:
Gryphon Group, LLC.                                                              500 East Grand River Avenue in
NAI Mid Michigan Vlahakis Commercial                                  Lansing, Michigan 48906
City of East Lansing
DeWitt Charter Township
Clinton County Economic Alliance
DeWitt Area Chamber of Commerce                                   
Young, Smart and Global
LEAP, Inc.
Michigan Now
MSU Land Policy Institute
Michigan Futures Seminar
Prima Civitas Foundation
Capital Gains
Redhead Design Studio
Dandee Printing Co.
Instructional Technology Services, Inc.
Technical Innovation Center

Please RSVP by March 17th:  Please send names of those attending and group affiliation to:                 lafayj@dewittschools.net    and/or     croleyj@dewittschools.net

If you would like to set up a table or display or would like more information regarding the event contact Jason @ 517.668.3165.