The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Welcome DJHCG!

The DeWitt Creativity Group is proud to anounce that DeWitt Junior High School student Joey Croley and teachers: Tina Sharkey, Dan Wizner, and Kim Fauson have formed the DeWitt Junior High Creativity Group. The DJHCG will work with the DCG to help make the DeWitt Public Schools District the most innovative in the world! Thanks to Jeff Croley, Joey Croley, Kim Fauson, Dan Wizner, Tina Sharkey, and Keith Cravotta (DJHS Principal) for their invaluable efforts. The following are some suggestions of possible collaborations between the DJHCG, DCG, and DeWitt High School:

----The English Department is planning on hosting a Poetry Slam at the Broad Art Museum at some point this winter. (Jason and I will be on their Educational Advisory Board this year and hope to get them behind this initiative) I usually host a Poetry Slam in my room as well and Ed is working on a "Poetry Out Loud" contest as well.
There will plenty of ways we can help support a Poetry Night.
Perhaps your students could vote for a few students to be featured readers at the Broad Poetry Slam or read at one of the high school events. Maybe the DCG and DJHCG could combine efforts and host an evening of Poetry at a local restaurant

(I think Mancino's would be a nice target -- It would be a nice way to introduce their space and menu to families. I could set up a portable sound system and microphone)

----As far as the "History" component goes -- It might be wise to toss some ideas at Garrod, Brya, McCullen, Aldrich, and Kloenhammer -- They may have ways to get the message to those students who are historical enthusiast willing to help you out. Some might be looking for "service hours" as well.

----I have a contact from the Saugatuck/Douglas area who is in charge of one of the top Historical Societies in Michigan. They have received national recognition on numerous occasions and many grants over the years. It would be cool to see if they could Skype with your students or respond to letters from those interested in how a community captures history.

----Maybe students could take a close look at DeWitt and ask themselves what would our Historical Society look like years from now. They could think about what would be important historical references a 100 years from now by providing a glimpse into the academic, social, economic, political, agricultural, pop culture, etc.., aspects that will forever be affiliated with their generation.

---A few years ago DeWitt celebrated 100 years. You could get a few elderly guest speakers to come in and share their observations about the transformation of DeWitt. Perhaps students could interview senior citizens about what life was like in DeWitt before paved roads, sports parks, cable TV, fast food restaurants, and neighborhoods where many families don't even know who lives two or three houses away. Note: Barber Bill is a good source for downtown history fun facts. City Hall should embrace the opportunity to work with the schools as students look to learn more about the town in which they live.

----The Michigan Library is hosting the Michigan Department of Transportation who is sponsoring a special program on Michigan's historical railway system this Saturday. Perhaps students could check with (Wayne Summers) I believe DeWitt's town historian who actually wrote a book about the history of DeWitt. They could research the when/where/ and why behind the railway that traveled through DeWitt then contact MDOT for further information. Barb Parson's husband works at MDOT he might be a good contact. Maybe the Michigan Library could set up an online or on location scavenger hunt for students.