The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Summary of Conferences

Members of the DeWitt Creativity Group attended/presented at the following three conferences in September and October 2013:

M Futures Conference (theimn.com):

This conference was held in Detroit on September 27-28, 2013. Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay listened to numerous speakers discussing future scenarios/prospects in regards to politics, economics, culture, and education. Several presentations by Amber Kowatch, Bruce Umpstead, and others illustrates the exciting possibilities that technology, innovation, and creativity will provide K-12 students in the present and  future. Additionally, Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay were able to meet Gary Abud Jr., 2013 Michigan Teacher of the Year and discuss with various thought leaders about the future of education. Many thanks to Alex McManus and Bruce Umpstead for this great opportunity to engage in dialogue with innovators from across areas as diverse as entrepreneurship, faith based organizations, and creative industries. Finally, Bruce Umpstead of the Michiagn Department of Education gave Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay an invaluable forecast by KnowledgeWorks (knowledgeworks.org) entitled "Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem". This will provide the DeWitt Creativity Group with a sort of roadmap to what the future of education may look like!


Michigan Interscholastic Press Association 2013 Fall Conference (mipamsu.org)

Jeff Croley, Jason LaFay, and DHS student members of the DeWitt Creativity Group held two sessions at this conference on October 21, 2013 (Lansing Center) called :"How to Use Creativity Groups to Change the Culture of Your School". DeWitt High School Yearbook students - who happen also to be DCG members - gave presentations on how the yearbook can be a tool to promote change throughout a school given its far reaching coverage of and connections to events, programs, individuals, etc. Specific themes for yearbooks revolving around change can be catalysts for organizing creativity groups. Both sessions had over 70 students in attendance, including some teachers. Students from Grand Haven High School expressed a strong interest in forming a creativity group. Fortunately, these students have folloed up with an email. Plans are in the process for DCG members to travel to Grand Haven high School in the near future to meet with students regarding this venture. Additionally Nancy Meredith from Holt High School also attended one of the sessions and expressed a desire to meet with DCG members to discuss the possible formation of the Holt Creativity Group. Thanks to Jeremy Steele, Executive Director of MIPA for allowing the DCG and DHS Yearbook to present.


Michiagn Association of School Boards 2013 Annual Conference  http://www.masb.org/AnnualConference/ConferenceHome/tabid/253/Default.aspx

Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay attended the MASB Annual Conference ("Driving Innovation in Leadership and Learning") on Friday, October 26, 2013 at the Lansing Center. Jeff and Jason set up a table in the exhibitors area. Throughout the afternoon, Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay met and distributed DCG materials to school board members from sixteen school districts. Additionally, Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay met Julie Carr - who is in the process of meeting with the DCG to discuss possible collaborations.

On Saturday,  October 28, 2013, Jeff Croley, Jason LaFay, and DCG student members gave a 15 minute presentation to Michigan School Board members. A brief overview of the goals, projects, and philosophy of the DCG was presented along with a challenge for school board members to challenge the status quo in their respective districts. Many thanks to Donna Oser for the chance to present at this impressive gathering. Also, a big thanks to Sarah Hartman, a DeWitt Public School Board member who attended the presentation and expressed her support of the DCG.