The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Creativity Groups are Taking Off!

 The DeWitt Creativity Group is proud to announce the formation of new creativity groups throughout Michigan, United States, and the world:

The Lansing Creativity Group is in the process of forming thanks to DHS graduate Caleb Rivard. The LCG will make its home base at Lansing Community College. Another former DHS student Gabe Pierce will join Caleb in forging innovative initiatives throughout the city of Lansing and beyond. LEAP and Prima Civitas Foundation among many other community partners will support and collaborate with the LCG to use LCC student talents to transform Lansing into an economic dynamo. For more information, please contact: CalebRivard@comcast.net

The Calcutta Creativity Group led by Harold Mondol will begin operating in January of 2014. Harold teachs video production at a parochial school in Calcutta. He is excited at the prospect of collaborating with the DeWitt Creativity Group to share ideas and best practices in regards to student videos. An example of how the groups will cooperate is the promotion of student work from both groups in Lansing and Calcutta. Skype sessions will also be held between members of the DCG and CCG to faciliate cross cultural communication. 

Mara Willemin is organizing the Jacksonville Creativity Group in Jacksonville, Florida.The JCG will focus on literacy as a means to help students express themselves, write what local businesses mean to them, interview local leaders, and other efforts. The name of this campaign is tentatively known as "Jacksonville Writes". This is an excellent opportunity for the JCG to use already robust networks with Jacksonville area businesses, colleges, foundations, and governments to utilize student talents in STEM, arts, and entrepreneurship to make a real difference. Mara teachs at a school in the Jacksonville area as part of Teach for America. The DCG is thrilled to assist Mara in her efforts! Stay tuned.

Joey Croley, an eighth grade student at DeWitt Junior High School, is working to organize a creativity group at DJHS. Several DJHS teachers have expressed interest in working with the DJHSCG along with other students. The DJHSCG will help prepare younger students to form great relationships with community partners such as the DeWitt Creativity Group. It is really exciting to contemplate the potential joint efforts between the DeWitt Public Schools creativity groups. Go Joey!