The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Amazing Film on Education at DeWitt High School!

 WHAT: DCG film night featuring the student created documentary film "Stockbridge to SaltH20" ($5 admission)

WHERE: DeWitt High School Auditorium

WHEN: December 4, 2013. Night begins at 7:00pm.

WHY: To support the creativity and innovation movement as a high school student displays a product of collaboration and project based learning.

"Every day we have a chance to make history. The world is littered with facts and data of the past. However, textbooks and websites miss one vital piece. The human element. The bridge between the past and the present is making connections, forming relationships, and creating opportunities. Without it, our history is lost. Those that strive to reach this mark are those that keep the past alive and the fallen remembered."

"Stockbridge to SaltH20" dives into the journey of eight high school students as they attempt to recover the past. These talented individuals thrive in the subjects of robotics and marketing. This passion and drive for success has propelled them halfway across the globe to the Micronesian island of Palau, located in the midst of the Pacific.

The film was a direct result of the collaborative efforts of the DeWitt Creativity Group and the Stockbridge Advanced Underwater Robotics Team. It was created by Geoffry Croley with assistance from Brad Grost, both juniors attending DeWitt High School, and avid members of the DCG. They traveled with the team last spring and filmed in Palau for 14 days. A full feature documentary was created to capture the expedition they embarked on. Their product was featured in Popular Science magazine and will be streamed to students across the country via Discovery Channel.

On December 4th of this year, we invite you to celebrate the creativity and innovation movement. "Stockbridge to SaltH20" will be featured at approximately 7:45 following DeWitt Creativity Group updates and student testimonials on how unique learning opportunities have impacted their lives. At the conclusion of the film, which runs about an hour, there will be a brief talkback session and chances to network with students, educators, and supports of the DCG. Thank you for your support.

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