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DeWitt Area Residents Help Save The Environment!

Dear DeWitt Area Resident,

The DeWitt Public Schools Foundation, DeWitt Public Schools District, and DeWitt Creativity Group are excited to announce that our Project Enlighten windmill initiative has a new partner—The BetterBuildings for Michigan program, which has been helping homeowners in the DeWitt area decrease energy consumption and increase the comfort of their homes over the last nine months!
The goal of BetterBuildings for Michigan is to help homeowners improve energy performance, lower utility bills, and make living spaces more comfortable by making these sorts of home improvements affordable.
As an emerging star in the realm of sustainable communities with developments like Project Enlighten, BetterBuildings for Michigan, the DeWitt Farmers Market, and intensive alternative energy and biotechnology curriculum in DeWitt Public Schools, the DeWitt area is realizing and actualizing efficiency and sustainability. Many do it for practicality, others out of sense of duty, or to make efficient use of their resources. This is evident in the more than 500 of your neighbors BetterBuildings has provided home energy assessments to over the last year.
How does this work? BetterBuildings for Michigan is an initiative made available through a federal grant that allows residents of DeWitt and Bath Townships to receive a home energy assessment at a heavily discounted price. To do this BetterBuildings for Michigan offers comprehensive energy assessments for $50, and has made up to $3000 in rebates and the option of low-interest loans available to homeowners in the two townships. They have already helped over 500 residents in the area save from 10-40% of their energy waste!
By joining our neighbors in reducing our homes’ energy waste we are also helping out our local community! The team from Project Enlighten has signed up to help the DeWitt community reach a goal of 200 additional BetterBuildings for Michgan participants over the next 2 months. We are supporting this initiative because we are committed to reducing energy waste in our community. Help yourself, the community, and DeWitt Public Schools!
Don’t live in Bath or DeWitt Township? You can still get some of these great benefits. See the chart below.
DeWitt Twp/Bath Twp Other Surrounding Area
$50 Assessment 
$100 Assessment 
Utility Rebates  
BBfM Matching Rebates 
Low Interest Loans  




To join your neighbors in taking advantage of this program, please call Michigan Energy Options at (517) 337-0422 ext. 1314, or visit www.bathbbfm.org or www.dewittbbfm.org for more information. For more on Project Enlighten please visit the website here.
Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Matt Stehouwer (President of DeWitt Public School Foundation)

John Deiter Ph.D (Superintendent of DeWitt Public School District)

Jason LaFay (Co-Founder of DeWitt Creativity Group)

Jeff Croley  (Co-Founder of DeWitt Creativity Group)