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TED_Ed Selects DCG as Pilot Group

 Welcome to TED-Ed Clubs! We’re so excited that you will be working with us on the fall pilot for this program. We were thrilled by the success of the summer pilot clubs, and cannot wait to get started with you!

Whether you have decided to start a presentation style club, a discussion style club, or attempt a hybrid of the two, we are planning to have the pilot phase of your clubs start in September and last through December. Your experience, participation, and feedback throughout the next few months will help to shape the official TED-Ed Club launch (and hope you will choose to continue your pilot club) in January 2014.

So what’s next?

1) First, we’d like to schedule a mandatory Google Hangout with you as part of your TED-Ed Club orientation. During this time, we will provide more details on TED-Ed Clubs and answer any questions you might have as you get started. Please schedule a Google Hangout time by filling out this Doodle Poll. Instructions to join a Google Hangout can be found here. We encourage you to read through them before your scheduled Google Hangout.

If you are unable to participate in a Google Hangout for any reason, we will find another way to connect. Just let us know by e-mailing us at TEDEdClubs@ted.com.

2) Second, expect some mail from us in the next month. We have the mailing address you provided in the pilot sign-up survey. However, if you would like us to mail you at a different address, e-mail TEDEdClubs@ted.com by Friday, 9/13 with the correct one.

3) Third, expect an email within the next few weeks that will contain the following:
A guidebook of sorts that will provide you with additional information on TED-Ed Clubs including timelines, videos, and suggestions on how to facilitate your club.
Permission slips and other necessary paperwork that will need to be signed by you and all club members and then returned to us. If any of your club members will be under the age of 13, we will need them to have parent/guardian permission to participate. More details on this provided with the paperwork, but keep it on your radar!
4) Fourth, get your club members ready! If you are a teacher or administrator, please do find some great student leaders who can participate! You should plan to have your first club meeting before the end of September, and begin thinking about when and how often you want to have your TED-Ed Club meetings.

Finally, we will make ourselves as available as possible for any questions, troubleshooting help, or advice of any kind. Just shoot us an email at TEDEdClubs@ted.com. We’re here to help!

TED-Ed Team