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DCG Recognized for CN Summit Partcipation

 Thanks to  Dr. AnnMarie Schneider of the Canadian Studies Center at Michigan State University for the following letter of recognition:


 Dear Jason:

Thank you for your important participation in the CN Forum MSU 2013, Synergetic Transformation of the Great Lakes Region. The event was immensely successful with a turnout of nearly 100 attendees from a wide range of backgrounds to add to the discussion. In the days following, excitement has remained. We have received numerous calls and emails regarding the CN Forum from people who are ready to make real positive changes in the region.

One of the Canadian Studies Center’s goals at the conclusion of the CN Forum was to make as much of the forum publicly available as possible. The first step toward completing this goal is providing access to the presentations which may be viewed at the following the link: http://canadianstudies.isp.msu.edu/outreach/speaker_presentations.htm. Further recognition of CN Forum sponsors, as well as notes and photos taken during the forum are available on the website. In the coming days, a video recording of the forum in its entirety will be posted. Please forward this email to those whom you know will be interested in the forum discussion.

We are incredibly grateful for your leadership during and after the discussion and will continue to build on the momentum gained from the CN Forum. It is agreed the time has come to turn ideas into reality and work toward completing the goals we have set through constructive dialogue. We look forward to our continued work together.

AnnMarie Schneider
Canadian Studies Center

Michigan State University
International Studies and Programs