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Michigan Space Program

 Michigan Space Program

"I've been waiting all my life for this day!" (Upon the launch of Sputnik.)

Sergei Korolev

The Michigan Space Program (MSP) is a K-12 public school initiative dedicated to inspiring students to help create the future of space exploration. Co-founders Brian Byars and Jason LaFay (two current public school teachers) are working with the following DeWitt High School organizations and others to build a program that will use the talents of students and teachers to advance STEM knowledge and skills:

*DeWitt Research and Development Laboratory
*DeWitt Creativity Group
*Michigan Creativity Group
*DeWitt High School Robotics Team
*DeWitt High School Biotechnology Exploratory

Due to the fact that space industry related technologies and information are becoming more available (and financially accessible) via the Web and other open source channels, it is important for a statewide network to capitalize on them by:

*Providing opportunities for students to analyze, design, and execute various launch vehicles

*Developing appropriate experiments for payloads of launch vehicles in order to conduct successful space related research

*Learning how to design and build functional TubeSats/CubeSats by investigating applicable satellite technologies and applications

*Working with other Michigan K-12 schools to utilize, share, and develop resources and technical expertise

*Partnering with national organizations such as the Space Frontier Foundation, Teachers in Space, and the Michigan Space Grant Consortium (NASA) for (material and non-material) assistance and networking opportunities

*Skyping with national and international space industry professionals to learn more about career possibilities and other topics of interest

*Discover the history and evolution of space flight ranging from the early rocket societies to spaceliner companies such as Virgin Galactic, Rocketship Tours, and Space Adventures

*Raising money through corporate sponsorships, donations, grant applications and crowdfunding efforts for projects, including Space Camp (Huntsville, Alabama) experiences for students

* Initiating the "First Teenager in Space" campaign (an attempt to raise money for a high school student to travel on a spaceliner flight)

*Collaborating with open source space projects such as: Spacehack.org, Pocket Spacecraft,  Copenhagen Suborbitals, Far Horizons, and Open Luna

*Attracting aerospace industries to Michigan by providing a high quality future workforce

The following points were submitted by Kimberly Mathiot to further expand the scope of the MSP to include:
Expand opportunities for elementary and middle school students (grades 3–8) to engage in age-appropriate aerospace-related projects.
Provide mentorship to elementary and middle school students by recruiting engineers and scientists (especially women) to describe their own pathways to success in the aerospace industry.
Introduce girls (particularly low-income) ages 8 – 14 to technologies in the aerospace industry by participation in STEM-focused PBL programs offered by aerospace-related organizations.
Encourage middle and high school students to imagine and explore inner space technologies, such as nanobiotechnology and nanorobotics, currently in R&D phases that will allow humans to live for extended periods of time in outer space and communicate with others independent of external devices.
Suggest entrepreneurial opportunities to middle and high school students in the aerospace industry to consider as alternatives to traditional career goals.

The MSP is very interested in working with other Michigan K-12 schools on the various projects mentioned above. The more partners working together, the greater the opportunities students throughout Michigan will enjoy. Please consider getting involved (or if you have questions) by contacting Brian Byars at ByarsB@dewittschools.net or Jason LaFay at LafayJ@dewittschools.net