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Michigan Space Program Continues to Progress

Michigan Space Program is proud to announce the following developments:

 * Started a library of books and DVDs related to space exploration and other relevant topics. So far, eight books and 11 DVDs have been donated to the MSP library

*Holding a Skyping session with Anousheh Ansari, the first private female space explorer, and students on October 7, 2014 during World Space Week (event is listed on WSW Web site)

* DHS student Ally Hawkins is designing the official logo of the MSP (will be completed shortly). She is also going to assist with social media marketing

*DHS students, Brian Byars, and myself will attend and participate at the Michigan Space Grant Consortium's 2014 Fall Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan via a poster presentation on October 18, 2014

* The MSP is in the process of applying to be selected as one of the teams for the Astrosat Challenge

*The first balloon launch of the MSP will hopefully occur before the end of October 2014