The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

New Radio Show to Promote K-12 Innovation

 New Online Radio Show To Promote Innovative and Creative K-12 (and beyond) Programs, Events, Classes, and Activities

“We are all concerned about the future of American education. But as I tell my students, you do not enter the future -- you create the future. The future is created through hard work.”

― Jaime Escalante

The Michigan Business Network and Michigan Creativity Group are excited to present a new online weekly radio program "Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society." Given the increasing expectations of society in regards to education, it is vital to tell the stories of learning successes in Michigan K-12 schools and other settings . This is why the hosts of the show Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay (two current K-12 teachers) want to know about the great things taking place on a daily basis throughout the state. To listen to the program, please go to www.michiganbusinessnetwork.com. The following is a list of objectives for this most timely program:

*Share stories of innovative and creative projects, organizations, activities, events, classes etc. that are providing high quality educational experiences for learners

*Publicize the efforts of educators throughout Michigan to build more support from the public

*Create a dialogue between education and business in order to better understand the needs and challenges of both

* Serve as a connector between different education providers such as traditional K-12 schools, private schools, alternative schools, charter schools, online academies, parochial schools, and homeschooling families to share best ideas and practices to meet the learning needs of diverse students

*Help inform educators of learning opportunities for students outside formal educational settings such as businesses, governments, foundations, voluntary associations etc.

*Provide a platform for the voice of students and other learners to share their ideas and efforts regarding education and learning

*Work with other organizations to create and promote events that showcase educational innovation and creativity on a regional and statewide basis

*Foster collaborations between education and other sectors of society to enhance local, regional, and state economic development, specifically in the areas of STEM, arts, and entrepreneurship

*Begin a dialogue concerning the development of Michigan as a "learning state" or society

With these objectives in mind, please consider sending a brief description (4-5 sentence paragraph) of an innovative and/or creative project, class, activity, event, or organization that is having a positive impact on learners. Be sure to include the name(s) of the educator or educators, educational setting, contact information (email address will suffice), and any other additional relevant details. Send all submissions to the following email address: