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Recap of Edcamp

On Saturday, January 25, 2014, Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay attended the 2014 Lansing Edcamp. A group of dedicated educators braved artic temperatures to hear inspiring sessions of educational excellence. The event was held at the Kiva in Erikson Hall on the campus of Michigan State University. Many thanks to Chris Fritz, Power On Lansing, TechSmith, and the Michigan State University College of Education for sponsoring the 2014 Edcamp Lansing. Many meaningful discussions were held between educators from various areas in the state of Michigan. Additionally, educators were able to network and attend an after party later in the day at Reno's Sports Bar in East Lansing, Michigan. The consensus among Edcamp attendees is that education reform must be driven by grass roots innovation and best practices, not state driven mandates. This is when the idea of a state wide network of educators was first broached to provide a new narrative to education reform in the state of Michigan. The following is a description of the 2014 Lansing Edcamp:


What is it?

Edcamp Lansing is a free unconference taking place on January 25th at MSU’s Erickson Hall.

If you’ve never been to an Edcamp, read on. It’s a free, single-day “unconference” that’s organized by educators, for educators. Whether you work in K-12, higher ed, or outside the system, Edcamp is where you come to share, learn, and discuss the issues and tools most on people’s minds.

To keep sessions as relevant, topical, and democratic as possible, we don’t book presenters ahead of time. Attendees show up in the morning and decide for themselves what they want to meet about. If you want to lead a session, sign up in an empty slot on the public schedule, with your session title and name. That’s it.

While deciding which sessions they’d like to visit, attendees are encouraged to vote with their feet. If you find a session that isn’t as relevant to you as you were hoping for, walk out and find another session. This is your day and you want to get the most out of it possible.

If you haven’t been to an edcamp before, this will likely be a unique experience for you. And it sounds like a scary format at first, but it works – many educators even finding it the most useful conference they attend all year. If you’d like to learn more and see it in action, check out the video below or ask a question in the comments.