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DCG and CLC Teams up with CALF

The following is an outline and summary of the Local Currency Project. This is an exciting activity for DHS students in the Creative Leadership Class to work with Capital Area Local First to learn about the importance of keeping dollars in the local economy:


Local Currency Project

The Local Currency Project is a group activity of students in DeWitt High School’s Creative Leadership: Opportunities for Social Innovators Class. Jeff Croley, the instructor of the CLC, will assign this project to a group or groups of students to fulfill curricular objectives outlined below as part of the community service requirements of the class. Additionally, the Local Currency Project gives DHS students an opportunity to design an “academic” (non-circulating) local currency based on important events, symbols, colors, and places that exemplify the strong historical, economic, social, political, and cultural contributions of the Lansing area to the state of Michigan, the United States, and the world.

Students will learn about the importance of supporting local businesses
Students will practice and refine graphic design skills
Students will learn about significant historical and cultural facts about the Lansing area
Students will learn about how businesses can organize and collaborate to improve the local economy
Students will refine and practice presentation skills
Students will refine and practice networking skills
Students will analyze local currency efforts in other municipalities in terms of their design, execution, and strengths plus weaknesses
Students will develop online media literacy and personal branding skills

Students will use computers with appropriate graphic design software to design a local currency based on denominations of $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00. Each bill will be designed with several features of significant individuals, events, and landmarks related to the Lansing area. Several online and offline resources with relevant historical information will be utilized by students to research relevant information. Moreover, aesthetically pleasing colors and symbols will also be employed to give each denomination (bill) an overall quality appearance.

Students will start designing the local currency at the end of February and early March for a projected presentation date at the March or April CALF meeting. The sample bills will be displayed along with explanations by students of chosen symbols, landmarks, individuals etc. This event can be publicized by both the CLC and CALF as a means to get the message out about why keeping money in the local economy is vital for prosperity.

Equipment: a laptop, video projector, screen for presentation purposes. We can provide these if not available.

Student presenters will debrief after the presentation through meaningful discussions with CALF Executive Board members, documentation (during and after successful completion of the project) via appropriate class social media platforms, and written blog or online posting etc.