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Superintendent Flanagan Visits CLC!

The following report is by WLNS (Cat Reid) regarding State Superintendent of Michigan Schools Mike Flanagan to DeWitt High School's Creative Leadership: Opportunities for Social Innovation Class: –

The state of Michigan graduates more teachers in the U.S. than any other state? On Tuesday state superintendent Mike Flanagan talked to 6 News about making sure Michigan also has the most innovative educators.

The superintendent visited the idea hive at DeWitt High School. That’s the room where two teachers have created a new class called Creative Leadership, opportunities for social innovation.

“We wanted to provide the students with an opportunity that allows them to be empowered and to feel like they have a voice in their own education and when they’ll learn and how they learn,” said Jeff Croley, Creative Leadership co-founder.

In the class students pitch ideas to engage with the community through projects, including book drives and pet adoption events.

They get real world experience and develop a failure resume to learn from their mistakes. This experiential learning is what superintendent Flanagan hopes to see in more schools.

“I’m really pressing them, as you might have heard, on how can they help us help schools of education train teachers differently because in their own way they’re saying you know the traditional classes don’t work for them as well,” said Mike Flanagan, state superintendent.

Both of the co-founders of the class will be speaking at the governor’s Education and Economic Summit next month in Detroit. They hope to spread their message to other Michigan teachers.