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DHS Improv and DCG to Work with Block Imaging

The following is an email sent from Ben Holzhausen (Operations Coordinator at Block Imaging) requesting the services of the DeWitt High School Improv Troupe and DeWitt Creativity Group to teach improv to Block Imaging (a Lansing area company that specializes in the purchase of medical equipment for various providers) employees as a form of corporate training. Many thanks to Ben and Block Imaging for providing a unique and innovative interactive session between students and employees alike. It just goes to show that the best teachers are sometimes younger than we expect!

Hope all is well. I wanted to reach out to you about a possible upcoming opportunity for some of your students. Specifically those who are seasoned and familiar with Improv (a group of 5-6 perhaps). Earlier this summer at our company

retreat, we did short ‘break-out sessions’ with a variety of topics that related to the overall theme of ‘The Ideal Team Player’. One of the topics I led was about ‘Yes, And’ – using the tools of improvisation to increase collaboration as well as ‘people

smarts’. Many of these ‘break-out sessions’ were a hit at the retreat so we’ve decided to bring back six of them and expand them to a full hour during what we call our ‘Lunch and Learn’ series. Think of it like a Ted Talk. We host them here for employees as an opportunity for enrichment and growth in a variety of topics. My time slot for the series is Friday, February 10th.

Here’s where I hope to enlist the help of you and your students: I’d like to showcase a number of Improv games while highlighting how they tie into team dynamics in the corporate setting and touching on a few of the key elements of improvisation

like Co-Creation, Listening, Yes/And. I thought by having the Students play these games in front of the group, that would help to then draw people out of their shells to begin participating as well. It may also be a good opportunity via a Q&A at the end

to relay specific real world examples where the principals of Improvisational Comedy have crossed over to assist with collaborative efforts with the DeWitt/Michigan Creativity Groups.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve got a group of students who would be up for something like this. The session itself would be from 12-1pm and pizza would be provided. I’ve got an idea for some of the games but perhaps you could

lend some as well that you’d think appropriate (and the students are good atJ). Not sure of the logistics on your end, with class scheduling and any school approval needed as a mini-field trip. I would hope the

students would get something out of it as well – an opportunity to perform as well as a snap shot into a business setting where creativity is fostered.








Ben Holzhausen


Operations Coordinator