The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG Working with CAMC to Develop Youth Talent

DCG member Jason LaFay along with DHS Principal, Jody McKean attended a meeting of the Capital Area Manufacturing Council in November 2016 covened by Michelle Cordano. Several local stakeholders in K-12 education and in the manufacturing industry met to discuss a regional effort to help prepare and design appropriate STEM and STEAM programs for K-12 students relevant to the Mid-Michigan manufacturing industry. The following are some of the ideas that were discussed about the CAMC 's Youth Outreach Initiative and the proposed DeWitt High School STEAM program:


Dewitt High School programs/goals

STEAM Program focused on entrepreneurship: The goal is to lead the state of Michigan in K-12 patent, trademark, and copyright applications.
Working with Lansing Makers Network: create a “maker region”
Interested in the TRIZ Program
Definition from Internet: TRIZ is a problem solving methodology based on logic, data and research, not intuition. It draws on the past knowledge and ingenuity of many thousands of engineers to accelerate the project team's ability to solve problems creatively.


Also, here is a list of DCG member Jason LaFay's recommendations for the broader CAMC Youth Outreach Initiative:


1. Learning problem solving skills/methodologies (design, lean, TRIZ, Kata, Six Sigma, etc.)
2. Job shadowing, mentoring, and possibly internship opportunities
3. Receiving feedback from manufacturing professionals on various student projects
4. Helping companies with some of their problems or most pressing issues
5. Giving exposure to students of overall business operations and philosophies of CAMC partners (where appropriate and applicable)
6. Field trips to onsite facilities (where appropriate and applicable)
7. Opportunities to interview and hear presentations from manufacturing professionals regarding leadership, teams, community service, continuous learning and training, technology usage etc.
8. Opportunities to provide feedback from a K-12 student and teacher perspective on processes, operations, outcomes, organization, outreach
9. Opportunities to work with CAMC partners and other regional efforts to help brand and promote the Lansing area as a Maker region/city
10. Donation of any relevant materials or resources to help the design and construction of student projects