The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Awesome Exchanges of Ideas Continue

The DeWitt Creativity Group has been in touch with several organizations that have conducted significant research in the future of K-12 education and how to best bring it about. Here are several ongoing relationships that serve to provide opportunities for greater learning of what the future holds for education and economic development.


KnowledgeWorks (http://knowledgeworks.org/) is a nonprofit business that publishes various reports to inform policymakers and others on emerging trends related to college and career readiness. The DCG has read and distributed copies of the Recombinant Education: Regenerating the Future of Learning infographic at various events over the years. It is a fantastic depiction of the changes well underfoot in the world of education. Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay met with Jason Swanson (Director, Strategic Foresight) of KnowledgeWorks in October 2016 to discuss how the activities and ideas of the DCG are relevant to the future of K-12 education. Mr. Swanson has expressed an interest in an ongoing dialogue with the possible participation of students as well.


Toffler Associates (http://tofflerassociates.com/) is a consulting firm that provides information related to vital social, political, economic, and cultural patterns to industries preparing for change. Dave Baber (Director) wrote a great blog on the evolution of education on the Toffler Associates Web site. Prior to publication, Dave talked at length with Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay over the initiatives/ideas of the DCG and its relevancy to many of the concepts presented in Dave's blog. There may be an opportunity in the new year to include students in a possible blog or some other means to have their views heard regarding the future of education. Here is a link to the blog:



Kettering Foundation (https://www.kettering.org/) is a nonprofit organization that works to research and promote best practices in helping create more participation of citizens in the democratic process. A key focus of the Kettering Foundation has been to create awareness over the importance of public participation in public education. Jason LaFay reached out to the foundation to share the work of the DCG in partnering with many organizations to provide cutting edhe learning experiences for DHS students. Kettering Foundation president David Mathews wrote a great book entitled: Is There a Public for Public Schools? that details the need for greater public participation in public schools. An example of the crucial need for this type of relationship between the public and schools is the work of Jack Shelton author of Consequential Learning: A Public Approach to Better Schools. Many thanks to Connie Crockett (Kettering Foundation Program Director) for providing a copy of this as it will provide further grounding for the efforts of the DCG. President Mathews has offered Jason LaFay the opportunity to travel to Dayton, Ohio (headquarters of the Kettering Foundation) to share ideas during a learning exchange sponsored by the Foundation.


Altshuller Institute (http://aitriz.org/) is an organization that that promotes TRIZ (a creative problem solving methodology) through professional training and education. TRIZ was developed by Genrick Altshuller as a means to help inventors, design professionals, enigineers, and others to develop new products and make improvements on existing technical systems. DCG member Jason LaFay recently joined the Institute and has been invited by Richard Langevin (Treasurer) to submit a proposal for a presentation at TRIZCON2017 in Nevada, Las Vegas April 4-6, 2017. The DCG is interested in providing TRIZ education to DHS students to help them to be more innovative and creative.