The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG Proud of Helping to Create MiIN

After participating in numerous Days of Conversation with EdTech Specialists, the DCG is proud to have helped create and inspire the Michigan Innovation Network (MiIN). The following is a detailed description of the activities of the Michigan Innovation Network:


IDEA Events will be co-facilitated by the Michigan CoOp and EdTech Specialists

· The cost will be $35/person and free to Michigan CoOp (MiCoOp) members and Michigan Innovation Network (MiIN) members

· Each IDEA Event will be hosted at a MiCoOp district (www.mi-coop.com)


The IDEA Events will include “sessions” where ETS consultants and MiCoOp members share their experiences and expertise on topics such as:

o Project Based Learning

o Teaching and Learning in a Virtual Environment

o Standards Based Grading

o Competency Based Education

o Leadership, Challenges and Rewards

o Closing the Achievement Gap


These will be informal conversations with the opportunity for participants to interact and ask questions of the session facilitators. This is also a great opportunity to network with others!


MiIN Events

Goals for MiIN Events

· Network, Network, Network!!!

· Build relationships!

· Brainstorm ongoing opportunities to network and share!


MiIN Format:

· A tour of the district hosting us and/or a “spark” presentation from one of our members followed by lively conversation

· Each person will bring ideas on furthering the network, including an idea they can promote such as hosting their own events, encouraging visitations at districts implementing successful, innovative programs, etc.

· The Michigan Innovation Network website (www.michiganinnovationnetwork.com) will place links on the website to your events or links

to other information that you would like share.

· Continuing conversation on the Zones of Innovation

· Each event will close with “next steps” for ACTION items


Please share this! And please join us on November 3rd at Hamilton Community Schools!