The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG Helps Provide Political Education to Students

The following events were held at DeWitt High School in the DHS Presentation Center (October 2016). The DeWitt Creativity Group along with DHS teacher Adam Nolen's Political Issues class set out to create meaningful learning engagement for students in the political process during an election year. A special focus was the inclusion of third parties such as the Libertarian and Green in order for students to gain more exposure to diverse political perspectives. Many thanks to Tyler Palmer, Josh Derke, and Paul Hominuik for partcipating in the events!


1. Representatives from the Michigan Libertarian (Tyler Palmer) and Green (Paul Hominuik) parties were invited to present their various platforms and beliefs. Students prepared questions for both gentlemen in regards to various national, state, local, and international issues. After the event was over, students had a much greater knowledge and understanding of both political parties.


2. A formal political debate was held at DHS between candidates running for the 93rd District Seat in the Michigan House of Representatives: Josh Derke (democrat) and Tyler Palmer (libertarian). Students moderated the debate by generating quality questions, ensuring a meaningful and lively exchange between the candidates.