The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG Summary of Intiatives

Brought in the Virtual Reality Company: ExternaCGI from Grand Rapids for an interactive demonstration. This was only the second school visit for the company who accommodated over 50 students throughout the afternoon

· Held an Applied Improvisation Workshop at Block Imaging (see "News" post for more information) for the Learn and Lunch series which included a tour, meeting with the president of the company, and a lunch with employees working to establish and maintain an innocative work environment

· Collaborated with the Lansing Clothing Company to promote local designers and the "Lansing" brand (see "Media" post)

· Helping to establish a girl’s STEAM program igniting interest with students, businesses, and MSU

· Provided volunteers to work the first ever Lansing Mini-Maker Fair at the Meridian Mall

· Working with students to start a computer start up tech club and assisted with the development of the Cultural Diversity student group

· Assisted the startup of a student podcast program "The Vision" and helped to establish show content

· Connected with the Bio-Engineering department at Michigan State University to work with students this spring and next school year

· Took students to the Lansing Chamber of Commerce meeting to meet Lieutenant Gov. Calley and chamber members (see past "Media" post). This was this first group of students that have ever attended a Chamber meeting

· Took 45 students to Art Prize in Grand Rapids

· Revamped Club Day in order to better showcase student organizations and allow for more sensible communication efforts to enhance student engagement

· Took students to the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology for a tour and Q and A

· Hosted a debate between the Green Party and Libertarian parties

· Attended two business luncheons at Eagle Eye sponsored by the Michigan Business Network. Students met former keynote speakers MBL star Kirk Gibson and PGA golfer Dan Pohl (for coverage of this event see:


· Created and executed the all-day Empathy and Inclusion workshop with 60 students and 10 staff members from both the high school and junior high

· Collaborated with the Creative Leadership class to host the Gathering of Gratitude held at the Marquee in Old Town Lansing

· Assisted the Diversity Team and Positive Culture Team on numerous initiatives including the first ever Unity Summit

· Produced video segments about Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity that were viewed school wide

· Hosted a documentary film night with the Radiant Film Project  http://theradiantproject.com/

· Organized a student SHARE session during Veterans Day that featured stories from those students who are from military families

· Assisted the Theater Department with the talk back session following the production of Stand and Deliver

· Held SHARE sessions during Seminar and lunch allowing students to share stories of inspiration in a safe environment

· Worked with the Greater Lansing Arts Council and brought them to school to talk about arts education, culture, and economic development

· Provided a multitude of connections throughout the Greater Lansing Region for students to interview for doc film projects that were shown at the student Film Showcase