The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

DCG Launches Tech Innovators

The following events and collaborations are part of the DeWitt High School Tech Innovators program launched by the DeWitt Creativity Group to expose DHS students to cutting edge STEM experiences:


Representatives (including Chief Creative Officer Brian C. Knapp) from externaCGI, a Grand Rapids based Virtual Reality company came to DeWitt High School to demonstrate various VR technologies to students. Several DHS students from multiple classes were able to experience virtual reality applications/scenarios throughout the school day and in the process learning about the applicable technologies, career paths, and market opportunities for this developing industry. Brian was also kind enough to be interviewed by Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay (hosts of the "Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society" podcast show on the Michigan Business Network). For additional information on externaCGI, please see: externacgi.com  Also, a link to a photo from the VR demonstration:


For information about Students United: Mobile Minds Flipping Society" see:




Greg Terrell of LooQU, a IoT software-development and cloud-services company located in East Lansing, Michigan, met with Jason LaFay and Brian Byars (DeWitt Reserach and Devlopment Laboratory: DeWitt High School maker class/space) to collaborate on how to bring the Internet of Things to student projects for the 2017-18 school year. By teaching students not only the concepts but also skills (hardware construction and software programming), DHS students will be able to embed sensors in their devices to link via the cloud to applications for remote and timed control. Obviously, these will enable students greater functionality of prototypes developed in DRDL such as weather balloons, drones, robots, turbines, etc. Additionally, there will be opportunities for DHS students to work with LooQU on projects. Currently, Thomas Kellher, a DHS student, is working with LooQU on several initiatives. Many thanks to Greg for his willingness to work with DHS students to expand IoT to many exciting initiatives! For more about LooQU:




DHS student Evan Hughes and others attended and participated in the 3rd annual Ann Arbor (A2) Tech Trek for young people (high school and college) interested in pursuing IT careers in established companies and/or starting up their own. Students went on a walking tour throughout Ann Arbor to visit multiple companies gaining greater insight into the opportunities avaible for them to work in the tech ecosystem of Ann Arbor and beyond. Additionally, a panel discussion of IT professionals discussed the state of the industry for partcipants to better understand how to get involved. After the panel discussion and presentations, students had an opportunity to ask questions and network with others. The following page contains a photo gallery of the day: