The Dewitt Creativity Group is a united effort on behalf of the creatively-minded students at DHS to ensure continued innovation and expression in all forms.

Updates for Fall 2017

 The following are several developments involving the DeWitt Creativity Group during Fall 2017:

September: The DCG is partnering with the DeWitt District Library to bring additional opportunities for DeWitt High School students throughout the school year. Some of these opportunities may include SAT test prep sessions, film screenings, self-defense classes, specialist book clubs etc. DCG student members went to the Library to give input on outreach programming. Additionally, the DDL set up a tent during the 2017 Fall Homecoming Tailgate to distribute information about the fine programs available to DeWitt area residents to take advantage of. Many thanks to Jacqueline Thompson, Community Outreach and Librarian, for reaching out the DCG to form such a mutually beneficial partnership.

DCG members Jeff Croley and Jason LaFay were interviewed by Evan Hughes and Meri Kolemainen of the Vision Podcast, an original Podcast show featuring two outstanding DeWitt High School students. The interview was an excellent opportunity for the founders of the DCG to comment upon the trials and tribulations of the past ten years in the never-ending quest to transform K-12 education. To listen to the episode (number three), please see: https://soundcloud.com/visionpodcast

October: In honor of the tenth anniversary of the DCG, student members and a teacher member gave out free cake and literature regarding the past and present work of the DCG at the 2017 Fall Homecoming Tailgate. Many thanks to Martie and Skip Croley for their purchase of the two delicious cakes.

DCG member Jeff Croley brought several DHS students to a Sports Luncheon sponsored by the Michigan Business Network at Eagle Eye Golf Club. Michigan State University Coach Tom Izzo gave an inspiring address about persevering through adversity. Afterwards, the students and Jeff took a picture with Coach Izzo (Thanks Coach!) See the “Featured Media” section on the Home Page of this site.

A poetry slam was held at DeWitt High School by the DHS Creative Writing Class and the DeWitt Creativity Group with over 90 individuals in attendance including parents, students, teachers and community members. Many students and a few teachers recited mostly original works of a highly inspiring nature. Many people commented upon the power and sincerity of the poems shared during the event.

December: Jeff Croley received an award from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing for his work as an arts educator. The following is a description of the award:

"The Arts Educator Award recognizes the work and dedication of an arts educator (elementary, secondary, college/university, and/or community instructor) in helping and mentoring organizations and individuals (youth and/or adults) to uncover a greater capacity to create, connect and deepen artistic pursuits and relationships with their community." 

Clearly, this award reflects the overall excellence of Jeff’s work with students over the last 23 years of his tenure at DeWitt High School as head of the DHS Theater Department. There have been so many challenging and cutting-edge productions put on by the DHS Theater Department that few other high school directors would be willing to tackle. Congratulations to Jeff for inspiring others to take risks in making great theater!