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DHS Students to Assist in Branding New Soccer Team

The following is a description of the Quality Lansing Soccer Group's mission to build a community based soccer club to replace the Lansing Ignite. The DeWitt Creativity Group is excited to have several DeWitt High School classes participate in the branding of the new team by offering suggestions for nicknmaes. Additionally, there may be opportunities for students to create logos and develop sustainability practices for gameday operations and facility enhancements. For more information regarding the Quality Lansing Soccer Group: https://www.savelansingsoccer.com/


We are a group that is passionate about the City of Lansing, and its need for a soccer club. We believe that soccer has a unique ability to bring communities together, unlike any other sport. So we are proposing creating a soccer club that is owned and operated by the community. We are a group that will be investigating the viability of launching a team, likely in the Michigan Premier Soccer League (MPSL).


We want to start a community-owned soccer club here in Lansing, that unites the diverse people of Lansing and helps strengthen our community.

Is to build a club as a community. We believe by bringing together people from all walks of life, listening to each other's ideas, and working collectively, we can create a club that truly represents our great city.


We believe that by creating a club that is rooted in our community, and by growing it slowly and sustainably, we'll be able to have a team here in Lansing for the long haul. It will allow us to develop our own supporter culture that is uniquely Lansing while providing local players and coaches a platform to elevate their skills and get noticed. It will be a club everyone in Lansing is proud to call our own.